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How to lose your Google + circles quick and dirty - Or Not

By: Sana Ahmed
Updated: April 06, 2013

I've had a positive Google+ experience over the past few months. But there were a few things sana ahmed pic that peeved me and I wanted to speak up about it.

1. Challenge your readers' faith and trust in your works:

If you're going to make a stupid joke on Google+ that isn't true, you've just pissed off your readers on another level. You challenged their trust in you. Why should they read your works? It's one thing where you are Perez Hilton or where your work is read for entertainment and pop junk, but if you slap your face on your Google+ profile, treat your brand and your readers with more respect. It's your name on the line more than anything else. (But I got news for you - is co-founded by a lawyer who actually does his legal cross checks). Do you want to be an a** and have your circles uncircle you because you're behaving dumber than a box of rocks?

2. Wasting Readers' time:

Sharing random one liners like, "hey, what's up?" to "Your Circles" isn't the meaningful interaction and will possibly get you blocked especially if you do it often. Did I mention writing inaccurate things and having them re-shared amongst your circles, is the worst thing you can do on Google+? You just spread yellow journalism via your circles and their extended circles. Here's a chain effect to readers un-following you! Google+ culture was meant to share and be helpful and have these intentions reciprocated back to you. Stimulating conversation and brain cells is a winner on Google+. Just don't be spammy. Be thoughtful. If you treat interactions with your circles in a sacred manner, you'll have a better ecosystem to interact with digitally online.

3. One way interaction - The "Look at Me" approach:

+Dan Imbellino makes a good point about not following people who are all about themselves. If you aren't willing to share experiences, but rather impress yours on others, you're not winning readers. The shallow approach will make you that infamous content celebrity that isn't really having 2 way conversations and experiences. Google+ isn't a place to treat your engagers as sycophants. It's a way to share value and experiences in a collective and diverse crowd of various Google+ circles.

4. Be condescending towards others:

An uncircle or block is in the works when you can't help being a jerk and make snide and condescending remarks at your engagers other posts or communities. There are many good will people learning and wanting to learn on Google+ communities. Then you have trolls that are quick to bully them because they:

A. Need a superiority complex rush.

B. Are having a bad day and need to vent on others.

Making people feel included and part of an experience is part of Google+ culture, and a huge part of social media. "I'm a social media celebrity" approach and "you must kiss the computer screen every time my posts bless your screen" is not just obnoxious but annoying. How quickly will people see through this? Also, you might get your vanity stats in followers but is your ecosystem of readers and followers really social or not? Again, that one way dialogue on social media doesn't get you very far. Again, it's not part of Google+ culture.

5. Not adding value or agreeing with the B.S.:

A conversation with +Jason Silvestri reminded me of adding value to your audience. If you're not going to add value in your posts whether it's in the form of curiosity, conversational writing, or specific interests, you won't get engagement you can benefit from. Benefit doesn't mean vanity stats but more of an organic and sincere interaction with people here. The sycophant approach of agreeing with everything your favorite Plussers or brands say even if it's B.S. won't get you anywhere. Also, you're selling out your voice to that crowd of popular kids or trending content that can be gut-wrenchingly wrong. Now having your own point of view and calling out B.S.--that's a double whammy winner that will get folks to read and engage with you.

Yes folks, Google+ culture does actually reward you when you think for yourself, have your own point of views, and even call out the B.S. But behave like spam, have the "I talk down to you approach," and try to behave like a celebrity here, and you'll get the Google+ uncircle oreo with no cream filling!

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