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If there's one thing that frustrates the information seeking audiences that engulf the web today, it would have to be articles full of useless and boring content that merely regurgitate the same ideas over and over again. While coming up with groundbreaking and innovative ideas to blog about is no simple task, here we present some tips to help bloggers break through the content irrelevance and stand out on their own.

One of the most sought after monetization methods for bloggers and publishers across the web has long been with the use of Google's Adsense product. The question is, can you really make a sustainable income with it? Is Adsense really the road to riches for bloggers? While it may be possible to earn a living with Adsense, there's a few modern day implications, and a few important things you should know if you plan to make use of it as a monetization method on your site.

While the average blogger wants to instill a feeling on their readers through words, words themselves cannot explain human emotions to their fullest. Learn how creating a visual experience for your readers can capture their human emotions in ways that simple words cannot, in effect, creating lasting memorable experiences they literally become a part of themselves. Read the article for more!

It's no secret that social networks are abundant with fake professionals today, from the guy who claims to be a world renowned SEO expert, to the supposed "Social Media Ninja!" Unfortunately many have failed to comprehend the extent of long term consequences that will follow as a result of their fictitious actions on the public web. Read the article for more!

It's truly a sad state for internet professionals today in terms of their self promotional habits online. It's often thought that self promotion is a necessary part of business, but professionals appear to be going about it the whole wrong way. Read Article For More

While many areas of information technology have technical certifications available for prospective candidates, SEO is the one area of the industry that remains without a real standardized certification. Could implementing certifications from organizations like Comp TIA be the answer to getting rid of bad SEO professionals?

What Professional Marketers Can't Do For You!

While seeking advice and help with your online marketing efforts is a great idea, marketers and social media specialists cannot do everything for you! The question is, do marketers understand your products, services, or content the way you do? Who's responsible for the development and success of your product, you or the person marketing it? Are your marketing efforts purely advertisements with a sales slogan but include no real information? Would you be willing to rely on someone else to make important business decisions based on a business they know nothing about? Think about that! Read the article to find out more.

Why Paid Marketing and SEO Services Shouldn't Be Your First Strategy!

Many supposed seasoned internet professionals are claiming that there's no way a small business can achieve the level of success online that a larger business has achieved without forking out tons of money. They also claim that "it takes money to make money!" Find out why this simply is not true!

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