A Few Possibilities For Google+ Communities!

By: Daniel Imbellino
June 09, 2013

So far, when it comes to the tools and options that are currently available for communityGoogle Plus custom graphic symbol moderators to manage their communities, many feel they are stuck at a dead end. Being as the original idea behind Google+ was to provide an innovative way for people to connect online, you’d think Google would have more creative options in place for owners and moderators to manage them. Here we’re going to explore a few possible additions to Google+ communities that could not only make the experience great for users, but the jobs of moderating a community a lot more simple.

1: Playable games within the communities themselves:

Google recently announced the death of their gaming platform on Google+, admitting it failed to take off, but not without reason. For one, Google failed to get the word out about their games to begin with. While the games link was available right from your side bar menu, it’s hardly noticeable, and the link sits towards the bottom of the page. Google never really marketed their gaming platform to their users either. I don’t personally recall seeing any posts, or anything, anywhere that stated they even had games at all when I first joined the network.

Being as I run a gaming community myself, I thought it would be a cool idea to be able to implement games as apps right into the community streams themselves. The games could sit idle until somebody decides to actually play them. So far we are able to embed videos, graphics, and links within posts, why not an actual game itself? When it comes to the web, people like what they can interact with, and providing games right there on G+, keeps people on the network, an added bonus for Google. The average post on Google+ links to somewhere else on the web, while only a few here and there actually pertain to content within the network itself.

2: Better management options for community layout & Functionality:

With all the empty space left over on the right and left sides of communities, why not create space for owners and moderators to place prominent posts that are related to the community, or a way to place advertisements off to the side somewhere so community owners can monetize on their communities as well? Or maybe produce a way for moderators to change the layout based on a template or graph, in which they can determine where elements will be placed on the screen, rather than having to deal with the current static placement of posts that’s in place now. Being able to change the layout of your profile on Myspace was one of the reasons the site gained so much popularity so quickly. In fact, people have gotten super rich off creating Myspace layouts, just look at Whateverlife.com for instance.

One complaint I’ve been hearing a lot of lately from other moderators is how when someone spam’s a community with multiple posts, there is no option to delete all the posts from that user, effectively relying on moderators to manually remove each post individually. This creates a lot of headaches in terms of lost time when trying to properly manage communities. It would be a big plus if Google gave moderators the ability to delete all posts from a given person, making it easier to remove unwanted material.

3: Custom Graphics for Communities:

We all have the ability to add a custom banner to our profiles on Google+, why not take this a step further and give communities the ability create custom background graphics which could be tailored to a say, the specific theme of a community. For instance, with my gaming community I could add custom game related graphics, changing them when I want to, effectively adding a creative look and feel to my community, rather than just having some banner or simple icon up in the corner. Graphics bring the internet to life, not static backgrounds that do nothing but sit there and look boring. This would be really cool if Google implemented this!

4: The Ability to add a Streaming Music Player to communities:

People love music, and let’s face it, blogs have had streaming music players in place for almost a decade now. Why not have a streaming music system in place in which users can pick their favorite style of music and play the tracks they like, all while browsing a community.

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