Star Pirate - Galactic Space Battle Game!

Star Pirate boasts incredible 3D graphics, and a full 360 degree playing field. Travel through the depths of outerspace, dodging space debris and taking out enemy spacecraft in this galactic space battle game online! You can collect power-ups from destroyed enemy spacecraft and asteroids, giving you the ability to upgrade to more powerful weapons. Use your star ship's boost to evade swarms of enemy invaders!

Star Pirate game start screen

Some enemies are mounted on asteroids while others roam free and will trail you with a barrage of unrelenting gun fire. Enemy gun ships will often spawn escape pods. You'll gain extra points towards power-ups for destroying them. Crashing into larger asteroids will cause your star ship to explode and respawn at your current position in the game.

star pirate - Galactic Space Battle Game Preview

Watch out for space mines! They're red, fixed poisition, floating elements that can damage your starship! Firing upon them can cause them to burst, often leaving power-ups behind.