Overtorque Stunt Racing

Over Torque Stunt Racing features 4 games modes including, Race, Free Roam, Hot Dog, and Interceptor!

Race Mode:

Race against your opponents on dirt, asphault, and stunt tracks. Racing options include length of time, difficulty, race style. In race mode cares reset to the track, and collisions cause damage to your vehicle. Earn Boost by catching "Pro Markers" throughout each race. You can also earn points for vehicle upgrades from in air controls.

Interceptor Mode:

In this mode the objective is to take out illegally modified cars in the race circuit by ramming them until their fuel cells explode. Players earn cash for vehicles upgrades and additional time on the clock for each rogue vehicle taken down. Player cars are invincible in this mode, but you're still racing against the clock. Players who make it to round 12 will unlock the "VB Interceptor" for purchase, quite a difficult task to achieve.

Free Roam Mode:

Practice your driving skills on various open world maps, which house dozens of secret locations. Find all 20 secrets and unlock a $100,000 boonus for vehicle upgrades!

Hot Dog Mode:

collect stunt marketers to increase race time. Make it to round 12 to unlock a $100,000 bonus for more vehicle upgrades. Race against the clock an

Overtorque Stunt Racing Game