TMNT - Ninja Turtle Tactics 3D! -
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Play as all your favorite ninja turtle characters in this 3D video game! Battle other turtles in a 360 degree game play arena. You can replensih your ninja turtles health by picking up pizza slices throughout battles. The game starts out with players battling one ninja turtle, with more being added to each additional round. All the turtles have strong jumping abilities, and you will need to keep moving in order keep from getting surrounded and cornered by your enemies.

Use Z - X - C buttons for block and action controls, space bar to jump, and directional arrows for movement. A realistic teenage mutant ninja turtles game with great graphics.

teenage mutant ninja turtles - turtle tactics 3d game

The game features a number of power-ups, including mutagen vials that fuel power attacks, and pizza slices that restore health by 25% for each one collected. The mutagen vials give you a 20% boost for each one collected, and once your mutagen meter reaches 100% you can unleash your power attack. Running over shuriken crates releases a spatter of shurikens that beam out in all directions, causing damage to any enemies that cross its path.

More abilities can also be unlocked throughout game play, and you can collect codes as you unlock features in order to access them in the future.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Characters

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