MotoCross Nitro - Dirt Bike Racing!

Arrow Keys for directional movements.
Tricks = Z X C buttons
Nitro = Space
R = Restart Track
Alternate Controls:
WASD for directional movements
S = Brake
A & D = Turn

An awesome stunt bike Unity 3D Game! Rip through mud, pulling 360's and mid air stunts! You can skip the training round by selecting "Skip" at the footer of the game window. Truly realistic dirt bike racing like no other!

Pop a wheelie with your dirt bike, pulling off stunt maneuvers throughout each course to increase your score and unlock new tracks. You can test your skills on perilous ramps, or battle it out on mud filled tracks against teams of opponents.

There are challenge courses throughout the game that require you to complete various stunts in order to place a finishing title and advance to the next round. You unlock stunts in the Motocross Nitro by clicking "Rider" from the games intermediary game lay screen. Some of the stunts that can be unlocked include the Superman, Flatliner, Volt, Cordova, and many more!

There's 5 stunt bikes to race with in the game, with all being locked from player use until you have enough points to upgrade.

motocross nitro