Play Hobo Total War

A hilarious flash fighting game online! The military is out in force to take down the worlds greatest bum, Hobo! The hilarious figure, Hobo, takes on the military first hand with grenades, rockets, and other weapons. Take advantage of weapons dropped by the military, as they can be briefly be used to repel attacks. In some cases you will need more than your hands to take out the swarms of military personnel as they surround you from all sides. This version of Hobo is quite difficult, especially since the enemies in this version of Hobo carry weapons in force, vs. older versions of the game where more of the fighting consisted of hand to hand combat. You can easily get ambushed from all sides, so stay alert and take advantage of enemy weapons.

To avoid incoming enemy fire and keep alive, move up and down on the screen, helping you to dodge bullets, grenades, and weapons pointed your way.

Hobo Total War military personnel

Hobot Total War - Funny flash fighting game online