Dungeon King - Classic Dungeon Crawler Online

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A true to classic dungeon crawler! In Dungeon King players start out as a lone warrior who fights to unlock the secrets of dread storm keep. Players take on a world full of mysterious paths, with no way to know what lies on the other side. Long corridors lit by torches are prevalent throughout the game, along with evil looking ogor's who attack you with axes, and oversized spiders that can pin you in a corner.

Although you start the game with nothing more than a simple axe, collecting gold coins during game play can be used to purchase new medieval weapons, including the dragon fire axe, and flame ring, both pack quite a punch against enemy invasions.

Defeating stages of the game, including end bosses, will help you to earn skill points which can be used to upgrade your fighting abilities (health, damage, armor, focus, dodging abilities, criticals, and more).

Traveling deep into mysterious lands you seek to destroy the dreaded Lord Vulhkan of Dread Storm Keep. Each passageway brings our lone warrior to another deadly stage of the game, where often large numbers of monsterous creatures await your arrival.

End stage bosses are the toughest to take down, often requiring a good number of hits before they'll succumb to the wrath of your mighty axe. For an added bonus you can destroy barrels placed throughout the corridoors of the game, they often contain more gold coins, powerups, but sometimes an evil minion to destroy as well.

Directional Movements: WASD or Arow Keys
Aim with Mouse
Attack: Left Mouse
Select Skill: Shift
Use Skill: Space

Dungeon King ogor's and minions crossing bridge
fighting monsters with axe