Cactus Mccoy 2 - The Ruins of Calavera!

After defeating Hex Hatfield in the Emerald Shrine (the secret lost labyrinth needed to obtain all the games treasures), Cactus Mccoy seeks about new treasures in this captivating sequel to the thrilling adventure game: Cactus Mccoy and The Curse of Thorns!

In Mccoy's latest adventure, "The Ruins of Calavera", the story begins with Mccoy discovering a golden treasure, only to be stopped in his tracks by a strange winged being, who strugges with Mccoy for the loot. Although Mccoy initially escapes with the treasure, he soon finds himself falling from a broken bridge, only to be saved by the strange creature he was trying to outrun.

Cactus Mccoy Discovers Golden Treasure

Cactus Mccoy struggles with Ella Windstorm over Golden Treasure

Ella Windstorm saves Cactus Mccoy from falling bridge

After landing sefely, the strange being introduces herself as Ella Windstorm, the last of the Volados, an acient civilization in the sacred city of Calavera. Ella suddenly grabs the golden treasure and smashes it into pieces, noting the real treausure, a map of The Runs of Calavera, was inside.

Ella smashes the golden treasure to reveal map

As legend has it, there was a Winged Shaman who kept the city of Calavera in balance with the mystical "Serpent Blade." However, a dark cult known as the Reptara grew upon Calavera and craved the power of the Serpent Blade. Soon a war had begun, and as Calavera crumbled to pieces the Shaman hid the Blade in a secret vault that housed the riches of the Volados.

The secret vault has a magic seal than can only be unlocked by one of the Winged Shaman's descendants, and Ella is the last of all Volados! Unfortunately, Ella is kidnapped by the Reptara's in hopes to force her to unlock the Serpent Blade. Reptara, Malana Mire, with the use of her side kick's Alpaca Jack, are the ones responsible for Ella's capturing, while another of Mire's henchmen, "Dumbbell" knocks out Mccoy so they can escape. It's up to Mccoy to rescue her from the clutches of Mire.

Ella is kidnapped by Malana Mire

cactus mccoy 2 - ruins of calavera