How The Use of Graphics Can Make or Break You on The Web!

By: Daniel Imbellino
June 06, 2013

Graphics make up a large part of the driving force behind the internet today. image of computer graphics exiting screen People naturally like things that look nice, and when it comes to effective web publishing on all levels, graphics can draw serious attention from users on a wide scale. Often enough, you’re likely to come across post after post on social networks and sites across the net that don’t incorporate too many graphics into their strategy plan. Among many reasons to implement graphics is, for one, they’re likely a good ranking signal for search engines, they can grab users attention when spinning through posts on social media, and they can add real look and feel to your textual content.

Graphics in the eyes of search engines and SEO:

If you’re not implementing graphics in your online content, it’s too bad, because graphics are almost an SEO must when it comes to web publishing. Search engines like Google actually insist upon using them, it’s likely they are a definite ranking factor, and they add more than just textual information to a post. When publishing content to a website, the more the graphic is related to the post the better, and the more informative your alt tags concerning a given image also the better!

Graphics increase social engagement:

When scrolling through posts on Google Plus or Facebook, you’re probably more likely to notice the posts that incorporate a graphic vs. the posts that don’t. It’s just too easy to fly past a good post, all because it never had an eye grabbing image to gain the users attention. Another reason graphics are so important in social media is that they spur the likeliness of users to share your posts with others. Also, having graphics on your actual site posts greatly increases the likeliness of others sharing your content directly from the web page as well. Sites like Pinterest are driven by graphics, and if you have no graphics in your content, then why would anyone want to attempt to share it there?

Early on, I didn’t incorporate too many graphics in my publishing strategies, but after doing so I can honestly say my number of back links has increased dramatically as a result. I’ve found a good number of back links coming from sites like, and a few from Pinterest so far. is much like Pinterest in a sense that most posts do tend to incorporate the use of graphics, and most of the shares people create on that platform tend to have graphics employed. If I didn’t have any graphics in my posts, its likely I wouldn’t have gotten as many shares to as I did, maybe even none at all. Besides, and Pinterest are both high page rank sites, who wouldn’t want back links from those domains?

Graphics Can Add Originality to a Sites Design:

Again, people like what looks nice! If your website’s design is just the same old thing, and there’s nothing exciting that users can find to set your site apart, they’re likely to forget about it fast. Humans have a naturally visual memory, and are more likely to remember something artistic, rather than a notepad with black ink scribbled on it. If you incorporate the right amount of color and feel to your design with good eye catching graphics, users are going to be much more likely to remember your website later on down the road. An original design can go along ways. I recently met someone from New York who knew nothing about me, but when I showed them this website, they actually remembered visiting it several months earlier. They took one look at the site and knew they had seen it before, it caught their attention quickly. It can be difficult for us to remember what we’ve read later on, but much easier to remember what we can actually visualize over the long term.

When it comes to graphics search engines love them because users love them! Think increase the likelihood of your posts and content getting shared across social media, and they can produce an enormous amount of back links from high page rank websites, which in turn helps to increase your own rank. With a normal post that doesn’t incorporate a graphic, it’s just too easy for somebody to fly by your post as if it were never even there. That being said, graphics seriously have the ability to increase social presence and engagement on a very large scale. Also, more shares mean’s more traffic to your website, another added bonus.

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