SEO - What You Need To Know!

By: Daniel Imbellino
Nov 20, 2012

Web designers, consumers, and businesses may have different wants and needs in mind when it comes to developing a functional website; however, they all share one thing in common, they all want people to see their content! After all, what would be the point of creating a website if no one was going to see it. People Write articles, post to their blogs, and send emails simply because they want to share information with someone else. If there was no one to view your content, then there would be no reason to write anything, or ever produce a website. The general thought is, we write articles and produce content because we want someone else to see it! This is why proper SEO implementation is crucial to the success of any website. Without it, no one may ever find your content through search engines.

Without the proper SEO practices, a quality business plan, knowing your business, and having a positive attitude, your site probably won’t make it too far on the “World Wide Web.” I’m going to discuss a few important aspects of optimizing your site for better search results, as well as discuss some of the many overlooked reasons why sites fail to take off to begin with. I will talk about SEO best practices, and also discuss what some of the major pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

1: Know Your Business:

So, you have a great idea for an E-commerce site that sells kayaks, or maybe you want to create a video sharing site, or create a blog and monetize on your experiences using advertising to drive revenue. Here’s the biggest number one indicator of failure when it comes websites and businesses as a whole. “Know your business!” Regardless of the business idea you have, you need to be knowledgeable about the product or service your business will be providing. You also need to know the technical aspects of it as well, especially when it comes to websites. Don’t end up like Ultimate Electronics and Circuit City, who had financial businessmen deciding what products they were going to sell, and later ultimately failed. Think of it this way, you can’t open a computer repair shop if you don’t know how to fix computers. Sure you could just hire computer techs and spend the bulk of your time handling the financial aspects of it, but in the end you wouldn’t be able to make knowledgeable decisions on how your services will be provided since you personally know nothing about the business yourself. Likewise, you can’t just build a website if you know nothing about web design.

Knowing your business when it comes to the web also means knowing how the internet works and how websites are created. Many startups choose to hire consultants, SEO specialists, and web design companies to put their business and website plans in place. This can get very costly, very quickly. I’ve seen people time and time again spend as much as $75,000 or $100,000+ to have their websites built. That’s a lot of money! Also, you need to take into account what the monthly costs of maintaining that site will be as well. If it’s a larger E-commerce site, expect to spend in the thousands every month on technical support and site management services. All being said, the point is, there’s no free ride or a fast buck on the internet, so the more you know the better. Think of how much money you could save by learning internet related technologies yourself. The savings could be astronomical, and this could make or break your website!

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