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Here you can find a comprehensive list of our guides to search engine optimization. What is SEO? SEO is the art of optimizing webpages and content for both internet users and search engines alike. Search engine optimization can prove to be great for internet surfers, can make it easier for search engines to index content, and overall make the internet as a whole a more inviting place for everyone.

However, not all SEO techniques are considered useful, and some people have given it a bad name over the years. Nonetheless, when applied properly it can provide value for everyone, including making a webmasters job much more easier and efficient. When it comes down to the overall thinking of this topic, its best for webmasters, web designers, and internet authors alike to focus on creating quality content and not just focusing on how to optimize that content. The thought is, just create quality content, and the users will come. Nothing could be more true. Feel free to view our guides and tutorials, and get involved with the discussions about SEO in our forums.

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Today, businesses both large and small, often rely on the SEO's they hire to keep their websites ranking in Google search, and their business interest's solvent on the web. As you're about to see this is a huge mistake that can cost business entities who rely on the web for their bread and butter years of financial losses, and many times total failure as a result of their inability to grasp even the basics of SEO itself. Read the story for more!

With Panda 4.1, the ranking game has truly changed, with smaller, lesser known publishers rising to the surface of Google's search results. It's a brave new world for SEO, but today anyone can now rank, but its what you have to offer your audience that will determine your ultimate fate on the organic web. Read the article for more!

Not all aspects of SEO are technical, as there are also many practical approaches to optimizing your blog and its content for users, while making it search engine friendly.

When it comes to ranking well in organic search, web publishers need to realize the benefits of cleaning up old content, and actively working to produce high quality content that is up to date. Here we cover a few methods for dealing with outdated content, and how producing content often can have profound effects on your ranking in SERPS.

So you have a link building strategy in place, but you come to find out that search engines seem to be ignoring your links, what do you do? How can this be? What many have failed to comprehend is that search engines like Google don't just automatically give credit for every back link they come across by default. However, there are a few simple things you can do to get more of those links counted for, as we've outlined in this article.

It seems the world of Webmasters and SEO's are obsessed with PageRank, yet so many don't seem to consider that Google now takes into account more than 200+ signals when evaluating our websites. Find out what it is, and why its really not that important anymore. After all, Google's Matt Cutts has stated, it remains only one signal out of many that influences your sites performance in Google search.

With HTML and its corresponding markup making up a great part of the overall structure within every webpage, it should come as no surprise that its proper use and implementation is just as important as a webpage's content itself! For reasons not understand, many have failed to recognize the importance of markup not just in the design process, but in the mix of SEO strategies as well. This is also known as "On page SEO", its becoming more relevant in the everyday process of SEO strategies.

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